Our friendly team

Nataliia KOZYR
Nataliia KOZYR
Chairman of the Board
Member of the Board, Director of Au-Pair Agency «Solution Au Pair & +» (France)
Member of the Board, Advocate. Chairman of the Board of the Human Rights Foundation
Member of the Board, Director of Caregiver agency “V-Care”, Canada
Member of the Board, Director of Au-Pair Agency «The Au Pair Xperience» (Belgium)
Executive Director Ukrainian Au-Pair Association
Manager of Au-Pair program Ukrainian Au-Pair Association
Tetiana MATOLA
Tetiana MATOLA
Lawyer of Ukrainian Au-Pair Association
Richard J. Roman
Richard J. Roman
Peace Corps Volunteer USA

About us

Dear Partners!

We are happy to welcome you on a partner page of Ukrainian Au-Pair Association. Here you can find information about: who we are, how we work, what Au-Pair service we provide and what we can offer for our partners.

Who are we?

The “Ukrainian Au-Pair Association” is a non-governmental, non-political civic association that was established in 2013 and operates on the principles of legality, openness, transparency and publicity.

All employees of our agency have taken part in the Au-Pair program and had a positive experience.

In our work, we adhere to the following principles:


The “Ukrainian Au-Pair Association” implements its activities in accordance with the standards of the international cultural and educational program Au-Pair. We only deal with professional Au-Pair agencies.

All our participants of the Au-Pair program have great work experience with children, motivated, open to a new culture, tolerant. All recommendations are thoroughly checked.

All participants attend pre-departure seminars on the following topics: rights and obligations of participant of Au-Pair program; child’s age psychology; first aid; establishing friendly relations and resolving conflicts with host families;  children’s games and leisure; language courses with Au-Pair vocabulary, etc. All seminars conducted by the Ukrainian Au-Pair Association allow participants to acquire the necessary knowledge for successful participation in the Au-Pair program abroad.


We provide legal and informational support to participants of Au-Pair program in matters relating to the registration of documents for participation in the program, visa applying and any aspects of staying abroad while taking part in the Au-Pair program, including involvement of lawyers and other experts in protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the Au-Pair program participants.


We are an officially registered association. We are not a travel company and do not provide employment services abroad.

Support abroad

Throughout the Au Pair program, we, together with our Au-Pair Agency partners, personally support each participant as personal mentors. In case of misunderstandings between Au-Pair and the host family, we help to resolve conflicts and /or replace and search for a new host family.

Quality control

Lawyers of the Ukrainian Au-Pair Association have developed internal standards of work, according to which the participants of the Au-Pair program receive the highest quality services and are provided with skilled and friendly support of managers while staying abroad.

Our goals

  1. Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Au-Pair program participants.
  2. Popularization of the international cultural program Au-Pair on the territory of Ukraine.


To achieve our goals, we realize the following objectives:

– Provide full and true information about the Au-Pair program, as well as about the rights and obligations of the Au-Pair program participants;

– We provide legal consultations and legal support to Au-Pair program participants;

– We conduct preventive and educational activities among participants of the Au-Pair program on the prevention of trafficking in human beings;

– We conduct informational and consulting workshops for Au-Pair program participants on the proper applying documentation of the program and conditions for obtaining a visa;

– We protect the rights and legitimate interests of Au-Pair participants staying abroad;

– Conduct at the government-level a lobby campaign to determine the Au-Pair program in Ukraine as an international cultural exchange program, rather than as a youth employment program abroad;

– We conduct government-level talks on the possibility for Ukrainian youth to participate in the Au-Pair program in all countries where the Au-Pair program is officially established.

We are open for cooperation and we can confidently say that by cooperating with us you will have a reliable qualified Au-Pair partner.