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Professional Au-Pair for friendly family

Are you looking for a budget friendly, flexible, loyal helper for your children and for yourself? Want to balance your life, getting a great help in solving your everyday tasks, with your children and activities related to your household? Are you interested in a cultural exchange program? Are you searching a professional Au-Pair for short or long time (from 1 to 24 months)? We are here to offer you: carefully screened, well-prepared professional Au-Pair!

What is the Au Pair program?
The Au Pair program is an international cultural exchange that gives the possibility to young people to spend some time abroad, learn more about a different culture, improve their skills in a foreign language in exchange for help with duties related to childcare. The term “au pair” from French means “on equal terms”, signifying that Au-Pair and Host Family treat each other as equals.

Who is an Au Pair?
An Au-Pair is a young person (female or male) between 17 and 30 years old who stays with a local Host Family, learns their language and culture in exchange for help with childcare and household responsibilities. An Au-Pair gets accommodation, regular meals and pocket money for personal expenses.

Au-Pair is neither a cleaning lady nor a full time nanny!

What does it mean for you?

More free time
As the Au-Pair lives with your family, you have the flexibility to assign responsibilities to her any time of the day upon your necessity within the maximum allowed number of working hours.

Cost efficient
An Au-Pair is more affordable than a nanny or nurseries.

Cultural exchange
Your family will get to know more about another country and culture. You will also raise the cultural awareness and tolerance in the children.

When you host one of UAPA’s carefully screened Au-Pairs, you’ll receive consistent live-in childcare from a sweet girl who has great experience and loves children. Our professional Au-Pair will provide you with the following benefits:

– Up to 30 hours of childcare per week (no more than 6 hours per day)
– Individualized care based on your children’s needs
– Consistency of care and household routine
– Care for multiple children and varying age ranges
– Cultural exchange and exposure to new customs and languages


Whether you have infants, toddlers, school age children or children with specials needs, our Au-Pairs have a variety of skills and experience. They can be responsible for childcare and related tasks such as:

– Infant care including bottle feeding, diapering and cuddling
– Meal preparation and feeding
– Managing bedtime and nap routines
– Helping with bathing, dressing and grooming
– Organizing learning activities and playtime
– Driving children to school and activities
– Doing the children’s laundry and keeping their play areas tidy
– Homework and tutoring help
– Keeping kids active with outdoor activities and sports
– Age-appropriate activities

Please read requirements and obligations Host Family has to meet.


– To hire an Au-Pair, you need to have at least one child under the age of 18 as a rule.
– Individual Au-Pair room in your home
– You have to provide your future Au-Pair with a private accommodated room that meets basic criteria of the Au-Pair program.

Full board
Since the Au-Pair will live with your family, you need to provide her with at least 3 meals a day. In addition to this, you must provide the Au-Pair with free access to food at any time.

Monthly pocket money
You will have to pay the weekly/monthly amount of pocket money as per your country program standards. You as a Host Family are not allowed to deduct any of the boarding costs from the Au-Pair’s pocket money.

Spoken Language
Your family can speak on several languages but spoken language at home must be the state language of the country, as the main goal of the Au-Pair program is cultural exchange and foreign language learning. According to the official program requirements, the Au-Pair will have to learn or improve her knowledge of the host country’s language. To make it possible, you need to speak this language at home.

You can invite only Au-Pair of a different nationality than your own to respect the cultural exchange aspect.

Similarly to the Au Pair, you as a Host Family also need to fulfill the Au-Pair program obligations.

Provide a homelike space & full board for the Au-Pair
The Au-Pair will live with you and will be considered a family member with the same rights.

Respect weekly limit of working hours
The Au-Pair has a maximum number of working hours per week depending on the host country. As a rule, they vary from 20 to 45 hours and must not exceed the maximum limit.

Pay pocket money on time
The Au-Pair will get a monthly or weekly amount of pocket money from the Host Family. Make sure the amount of money corresponds to the host country program standards. We do recommend the Au-Pair to open a bank account in the host country so that the Host Family can easily transfer the money monthly or weekly.

Give your Au-Pair time to attend a language course
Au-Pair needs to attend a language course during her stay abroad. Make sure your Au-Pair has a schedule that allows her to attend a language course. The Host Family also needs to cover transportation costs necessary to get to the language school. In some countries, the Host Family shares the expenses of the language course or pay full amount. It depends on the program policy in each country.

Respect days off and vacation policy during the stay
The Au-Pair has at least 2-5 weeks of paid vacation during a one year stay plus weekly days off. If you decide to invite your Au-Pair to join them during their family holidays, both Au-Pair and you should agree in advance if that counts as working hours or a holiday.

Health insurance
In many countries, the Host Family will need to provide the Au-Pair with health insurance or pay for the basic medical expenses in case of illness, injury, pregnancy or birth.

After reading the information about the Au-Pair program, the benefits and requirements of inviting an Au-Pair, you have taken a decision that the Au-Pair program as a cost-effective and great child care solution for your family.

So, below you will find 5 steps you need to do for hosting our Au-Pair. Please take into consideration that you will have a personal coordinator, who will consult and support you on every step, answer for all your questions and help with choosing an Au-Pair, conducting interview, preparing documents for visa, supporting you and your Au-Pair during the program.

Send us a request for getting a host-family application form. No fee to apply. You register on our organization for free. You pay only after match.
We will send you an application form. Fill in English the information about your family, add some pictures to make your profile more interactive. Write your expectations from your future Au-Pair and what responsibilities you would like her to share.

After getting your application form, we will begin the search for the Au-Pair girl who best suits your family’s needs. The time of selection depends on different factors. If you can split the difference, for example, you can accept girl with high level of child care experience but with poor or moderate level of your language, then it can take just several days. If not, the searching time of “ideal au-pair” can take more time. Any way we strongly recommend to start the process as earlier as you can, due to matching and visa getting time.

– After getting Au-Pair`s profiles and shortlisting the most suitable Au-Pair candidates, it is important to arrange a live video-call with them. This way you will get to know each other better and understand who will be the most suitable Au-Pair for your family.
– Conduct a video-interview. We will send you also a guide how to make an interview and what questions you have to ask your potential Au-Pair.

After negotiation process and when you have a match with our Au-Pair, sign the contract with us, make payment and close other formalities.
UAPA – Host Family contract is a document containing the most important details of cooperation between us, Au-Pair and you as a Host Family. It can help you avoid many possible misunderstandings and problems during the Au Pair stay.
After both parties sign the contract, we send you an invoice, you make a payment and we start the process of preparing set of documents for Au-Pair Visa. You, during this time continue your friendly communication with your sweet Au-Pair.

– Once visa is ready and all formalities are set, discuss with your Au-Pair arriving details.
– Meet your Au-Pair and enjoy your cultural experience.

You will have the support from your personal coordinator who will help you and your Au-Pair have a great Au-Pair experience. All our girls – coordinators were Au-Pair, some of them 2-3 times, so they can offer you firsthand advice. The personal coordinator plays an important role and will be your first point of contact for support on the program for any issue.

Your personal coordinator will:

– Contact you and interview your family
– Search an Au-Pair for your needs
– Help you with preparation set of documents
– Contact you during the first 48 hours after your Au-Pair’s arrival
– Speak with you and your Au-Pair on a monthly basis
– Answer your questions and provide support as needed

Your personal coordinator is also the personal coordinator of your Au-Pair

– During the program she will be in contact with your Au-Pair all the time
– Au-Pair will be added to our local and worldwide Au-Pair communities
– Coordinator will organize social events for your Au-Pair
– Coordinator will provide for your Au-Pair informational, legal and psychological support

How long does it take to match with an Au-Pair?
Depending on your family’s needs and timing, it can take as little as two days to find a match once you start the interviewing process. Our selection of qualified, pre-screened Au-Pairs are ready to interview and new profiles become available all the time. We’d be happy to speak with you about your needs and timing to help you find your ideal candidate.

How soon can my Au-Pair arrive to our family?
It depends on a country where you live. Once you match, it will take between 2 weeks till 4-5 months for your Au-Pair to arrive. During this time, we will support your Au-Pair with pre-arrival logistics such as booking flights and assisting with the visa process.

Do all Au-Pairs speak English?
Yes, all Au-Pairs speak conversational English. We verify each applicant’s English abilities during the application process. You will also have the opportunity to interview potential Au-Pair to make sure you are comfortable with her English abilities.

Can Au-Pairs care for infants?
Yes, many of our Au-Pairs are qualified and enjoy caring for infants. Au-Pairs may not be the sole caregiver until the child is at least three months old.

Do you have Au-Pairs who are qualified to care for children with special needs?
Yes, we do have Au-Pairs who are experienced caring for a variety of special needs situations.

Do Au-Pairs drive?
Most our Au-Pair applicants have a valid driver’s license.

Why do Au-Pairs participate in the program?
Our Au-Pair-girls are excited to travel to Europe and experience european culture. Since they love children and have experience caring for them, living and working as an Au-Pair is a great way for these adventurous young women to gain insight into europaen way of life, share their culture with their host family, and have an amazing “gap year” experience. Au-Pairs are also interested in improving their English and other language gaining valuable work experience for their future. The Au-Pair program allows girls to provide childcare to host families and participating in a true cultural exchange experience.

What if something goes wrong?
If you feel something isn’t working or have a problem, please contact your personal coordinator for advice and assistance. In many instances, issues between families and Au-Pairs can be resolved by talking through a situation. If a situation isn’t able to be resolved, our team will work closely with you and your au pair to re-match.

Can we share an Au-Pair’s services with another family?
No, the program is designed for an au pair to live with and care for one family’s children.

Can we travel with our Au-Pair?
Au-Pairs love to travel and explore new places while on the program. They can be a big help to traveling families. You’ll need to ensure that your Au-Pair has private accommodations during your travels and that the Au-Pair`s visa allows her to leave and re-enter the Europe if traveling internationally.

We have a big guide with most common questions regarding inviting Au-Pair, we kindly send it you after your first request by e-mail.

Au Pair документы

Kristina Fozekosh

Executive Director

Au Pair виза

Anastasia Levko

Client manager

Au Pair  Германия

Oleg Grigoriev


Au Pair  Франция

Olga Khomyn

English and French translator

опер  Франция

Marta Kashuba

English and German translator

опер  германия

Olena Hlushko

Teacher of English and German

опер  виза

Anna Karpenko

Teacher of English and French

Au Pair отзывы

Oksana Krutsiuk


Козир Наталія

Nataliia Kozyr

Head of the Board

Anna Herbei

Anna Herbei

Board Members

Наталія Кріль

Nataliia Kril

Board Members

Au Pair  условия участия

Jodie DiMauro

Au-Pair Agent Agency (USA)

опер  условия участия

Ani Nina Mabenga

Alpha Omega Au-Pair Agency (Luxembourg)

Программа Опер Львов

Ana Maria Usieto

Destino Idiomas Au-Pair Agency (Spain)

Программа Au Pair Львов

Marie-Christine Rombouts

Au-Pair Belgium Agency (Belgium)

Программа Au Pair Киев

Monika Supernok

Au-Pair Agency MultiKultur (Germany)

Ані Деру

Annie Deroo

«Solution Au Pair & +» (France)

Софі Деклерк

Sofie Declerck

«The Au Pair Xperience» (Belgium)

принимающая семья Au Pair

Yuliia Koroliuk

Au-Pair in Luxembourg

Au-Pair в Люксембурге

Rimma Oganesian

Au-Pair in Luxembourg

Няня Au pair

Tetiana Myhulia

Au-Pair in France

Au pair Львов

Tatiana Yarema

Au-Pair in France

Программа Au Pair семья

Tatiana Tymchenko

Au-Pair in Austria

Au-Pair Австрия отзывы

Anastasia Onyshchuk

Au-Pair in Germany

Опер Германия отзвывы

Maria Plysak

Au-Pair in Luxembourg

Программа Опер легально

Anastasia Aliohina

Au-Pair in Luxembourg

Программа Опер легально

Anastasia Diadchuk

Au-Pair in Austria

хост семья опер

Natalia Obikhod

Au-Pair in Germany

хост семья au pair

Oksana Puneyko

Au-Pair in Swiss

принимающая семья au pair

Marta Leskiv

Au-Pair in France

Au-Pair  Франция

Au-Pair Agency (Austria)

изучение иностранного языка Au Pair

Au-Pair Agency (France)

Программа Au Pair

Au-Pair Agency (France)

Опер Бельгия

Au-Pair Agency (Belgium)

Франция программа опер

Au-Pair Agency (France)

программа опер отзывы

Au-Pair Agency (France)

изучение языка Au Pair

Au-Pair Agency (France)

изучение немецкого языка Au Pair

Au-Pair Agency (Netherlands)

Au-Pair агентство

Au-Pair агентство (Германия)

Au-Pair агентство Люксембург

Au-Pair агентство (Люксембург)

The Au Pair Xperience

Программа Au Pair Швеция

Au-Pair агентство (Австрия)

Программа Au Pair  отзывы участников

Au-Pair агентство (Бельгия)

программа обмена au pair

Au-Pair агентство (Бельгия)

программа au pair во франции отзывы

Au-Pair Agency (Netherlands)

программа au pair отзывы

Au-Pair Agency (Luxembourg)

программа au pair в америке

Au-Pair Agency (USA)

сколько стоит программа au pair

Au-Pair Agency (Swizerland)

програма au pair львів

Au-Pair Agency (France)

о программе au-pair

Au-Pair Agency (France)

программа au pair страны

Au-Pair агентство (Китай)

что такое программа au-pair

Au-Pair Agency (China)

программа au-pair норвегия

Au-Pair Agency (China)

как участвовать в программе au pair

Au-Pair Agency (Germany)

программа au pair в европе

Au-Pair Agency (Germany)

международная программа au pair

Au-Pair Agency (Germany)

программа au pair официальный сайт

Au-Pair Agency (Germany)

программа обмена au pair

Au-Pair Agency (Germany)

программа au pair условия

Au-Pair Agency (Spain)

программа au pair цена

Au-Pair Agency (Spain)

программа au pair австрия

Au-Pair Agency (Spain)


Au-Pair - is a purposeful girl who has an active life position and is looking for opportunities for personal development.

Why our Au-Pair is professional Au-Pair?
We are very selective about who is accepted into our program. Every Au-Pair completes an extensive application and undergoes a thorough background check and in-person interview. This information is available to families during the matching process.

Every Au-Pair attends our Au-Pair School. It is 4 months preparation an online course where girls prepare for Au-Pair program. They study: Au-Pair rights and obligations; age psychology; developing games; first aid; preventing conflicts; the difference between cultures; trafficking prevention; integration in a new country and much more. Including individual language courses. We teach 10 languages.

  • Our Au-Pairs fully understand rules of Au-Pair Program
  • Our Au-Pairs have proven childcare experience
  • Our Au-Pairs become good friends for the host family
  • Our Au-Pairs is the solution and not an additional problem
  • Our Au-Pairs strive to leave a positive mark on the child’s life
  • Our Au-Pairs are flexible, responsible, active but patient girls

Au-Pairs - don't just work for a host family, they become a real part of the family, building a valuable relationship with children and parents that often last long after the program has ended.

Hiring an Au-Pair is a really great way to balance your family life. Our Au-Pairs will provide you with great help in solving your everyday tasks, with your children and activities related to your household.

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of happy families

and our Au-Pairs!

Molly  McGuire

Molly McGuire

Host family from Luxembourg
Hi, my name is Molly and for the past year, we have hosted our wonderful au pair, Yuliia Koroliuk. She was our first au pair from this agency, but it went so well that we are soon welcoming our second, as Yuliia's year is already finished. We had a wonderful experience with Yuliia - she was indispensable to us. She fit right in with the family from the start and was always looking for extra ways she could help out to make our lives easier. (With three children, that was very welcome!) She was truly one of our family for the time she was here, and will continue to be. We are sorry to see her go, but look forward to welcoming our next au pair very soon. A big thanks to UAPA for connecting us with Yuliia! I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a great au pair.
Юля Королюк

Yuliia Korolliuk

Au-Pair in Luxembourg
Hello, I am an Au-Pair of Molly McGuire, and I want to say UAPA thank you so much for such a wonderful host family. This is my second wonderful family from UAPA, as UAPA does not just send out profiles of girls to families, but selects exactly Au-Pair and family for each other. Sometimes it takes longer, but ultimately, this is absolutely correct, since there are no conflicts during the program. And with the first and second family I had a great relationship. And I'm already crying, knowing that my year in this family will end soon. But on the other hand, I am very happy, because I know that a beautiful sweet girl from UAPA will come to my place and my family and beloved host children will be in safe hands.I sincerely recommend UAPA to you, because it will be for you not just an Au-Pair agency, they will immediately become your friends and helpers who can be contacted with any question, they will always listen, give good advice and support.
Опер Австрія

Karin Paar

Host family from Austria
Dear friends! With this post, I want to give positive feedback on aupair from UAPA. We are a big family with 4 children, one of whom is very special. Clemens is mentally handicapped and takes a lot of time, patience and attention! That's why my husband and I opted for an Aupair. We already had some aupairs, but the absolutely nicest aupair is Anna Herbei! Anna has grown very fast in our hearts with her very uncomplicated character! Clemens is autistic and therefore very choosy about his caregivers. He immediately accepted Anna and closed her heart like a mother! We can blindly trust Anna to do her job conscientiously and with much love. Not only the care of the children is perfect, but Anna also does the entire household independently and without instructions. A very lovable, reliable person, we miss her very much! We wish Anna all the best for your future and that she is happy!! I highly recommend using the services of this agency, as they individually select au-pair for the host family and very well prepare the girl to participate in the program. Karin Paar Austria
Анна Гербей

Anna Herbey

Au-Pair in Austria
Hi, I am an Au-Pair of the finest host families in the world. I was an Au-Pair from UAPA three times and in this feedback, I want to tell you why I had such wonderful families.1. Because I was very well prepared for participation in the Au-Pair program. 2. Because of this, we didn’t have a conflict of interest with families, I knew my responsibilities and I knew very well what kind of help my host family needed. 3. In addition, UAPA has always supported me, promptly answering all questions. Due to the fact that I attended the Au-Pair School, I was able to get a positive experience of participating in the program 3 times, and this in turn affected all the families that invited me.We have a large friendly Au-Pair community, all the girls so sweet and very well prepared, so do not hesitate, invite a professional Au-Pair only through UAPA.
au pair

Anastasija Norkuviene

Host family from Luxembourg
Hello! My name is Anastasia. I am the host mother of wonderful Asia Alekhina. This is my third Au-Pair from the agency UAPA. We are very pleased with her. Asia is a nice girl and she quickly integrated into our family. She gets along great with children, knows different games, children are fun and comfortable with her. This is a calm, balanced, nimble, optimistic, warm, attentive and purposeful girl. Asia is fond of embroidery and taught my daughter to embroider. The children and I are very attached to her. We are happy to share our leisure time with her and see her as part of our family.With other Au-Pairs from the agency UAPA, we also had a good experience. My children accepted all girls very easily, as they were sociable and positive girls. The agency itself, in my opinion, works very quickly, responds quickly to requests, offers several profiles of girls, and finds an alternative, in case of problems or unforeseen situations. I am grateful to the UAPA agency for help in finding Au-Pairs in our family.Anastasija Norkuviene
Hello! My name is Anastasia. I am the host mother of wonderful Asia Alekhina. This is my third Au-Pair from the agency UAPA. We are very pleased with her. Asia is a nice girl and she quickly integrated into our family. She gets along great with children, knows different games, children are fun and comfortable with her. This is a calm, balanced, nimble, optimistic, warm, attentive and purposeful girl. Asia is fond of embroidery and taught my daughter to embroider. The children and I are very attached to her. We are happy to share our leisure time with her and see her as part of our family.  With other Au-Pairs from the agency UAPA, we also had a good experience. My children accepted all girls very easily, as they were sociable and positive girls. The agency itself, in my opinion, works very quickly, responds quickly to requests, offers several profiles of girls, and finds an alternative, in case of problems or unforeseen situations. I am grateful to the UAPA agency for help in finding Au-Pairs in our family.   Anastasija Norkuviene,  host family from Luxembourg

Asia Alekhina

Au-Pair in Luxembourg
Hi, my name is Asia Alekhina, I am an Au-Pair in the wonderful, kind family of Anastasija Norkuviene. I want to say a huge thank you to the whole UAPA team for motivating us to grow and develop, for looking for such wonderful families in which it is so easy to grow and develop :).This is not just a team of professionals; it is a group of friends who will always come to the rescue. Prompt, tell and dispel fears. The program opens not only boundaries and opportunities for young people, but also helps to reveal hidden talents and skills. My host family supports me in everything, if I plan to travel on a day off or some other activities, they always let me go. For such an attitude, I want to give more my soul to my new family and my dear host children, with whom we have just incredibly friendly relations.If you are really open to a new experience, and for you Au-Pair is a family member, a friend, support, a team player and not an “employee”, be sure to invite us - Au-Pair from UAPA :)We are eager to be your friends and family members. We want to help you, we want to share your joys and sorrows with you, drink tea and cake together in the evenings and chat as the day went by :).

Please, ask your question!